Master Canine Cosmetologist

With twenty years of grooming experience, Antonia is undoubtedly the premier canine cosmetologist in the west Tennessee area! While highly skilled in the grooming of all breeds, Antonia's specialty is poodles. You may have seen one of her award-winning toy poodles frolicking around the spa! With so many years of experience, there is no one more qualified to pamper your pets than Antonia!

Antonia, Canine Cosmetologist


General Manager

As general manager, Dana helped open the Paw Spa in 2012. She has always loved dogs, and has worked with them professionally for four years. At the end of the day, she looks forward to a big kiss from every one of our furry friends at the Paw Spa. Dana enjoys watching the business grow and thanks each and every one of you for trusting your dogs to the Paw Spa!

Dana, General Manager


Facilities Manager

Without Ron, the Paw Spa would not be the same! Ron directs the care and maintenance of our facilities, along with directing our expansions and helping plan for future growth. While he is a jack-of-all-trades, Ron is able to do almost anything at the Paw Spa. While he is the facilities manager, he also takes time out of his busy daily schedule to greet and spend time with every one of our special guests!

Ron, Facilities Manager



Being the son of the owners of the Paw Spa certainly has its perks. And Luke enjoys every one of them! Playing with the puppies at the Paw Spa is one of his favorite pass times. Making sure we all take care of your pampered pups is his second favorite pass time! No one loves dogs more than Luke!



Groomer's Assistant

Jonathan is not only a hard worker, but he loves making sure your dogs get a "first-in-show" quality bathing and grooming experience at the Paw Spa. Helping Antonia provide this stellar service, he will work with you to insure that your dog gets the pampering and spa treatments he or she needs. Come by the Paw Spa today to meet Jonathan and see how skilled he is at taking care of pampered pooches!



Shop Assistant

Carlee enjoys getting to meet and care for all the furry clients at the Paw Spa. She not only takes care of your pups, but she also takes care of the Paw Spa staff, proving herself to be integral to the services we provide you. Stop by today to see her putting her excellent canine care skills to work for you!


Dana H.

Shop Assistant

Dana is an invaluable member of the Paw Spa team! You can find her working at the desk, answering phones and taking care of your pups in the Spa, Boarding and Day Care areas. She wears many hats around the Paw Spa, and enjoys getting the chance to pamper your precious pooches!



Bather/Shop Assistant

When it comes to canine cleanliness, Joy has the competition beat, paws down! She is a versatile member of the Paw Spa team, with responsibilities ranging from pampering your pooches in the bath tub to greeting you on the phone. This lady can do it all, and she’d love for you to call her today to book an appointment, because she loves seeing canine smiles!

Stop by the Boutique at the Paw Spa today to check out the custom made collars and dresses Joy creates, she'd love to make your pooch some custom canine couture!



Shop Assistant

When she started working at the Paw Spa, she was nervous. Jaime wasn't sure she had what it takes to care for so many dogs, but now she wouldn't have it any other way! She's a canine expert, making sure all our boarding dogs get the care their deserve, and she loves working with the pooches. Her care and expertise translates into happy dogs at the Retreat!



Shop Assistant

This young lady can often be seen in the front of the shop, answering phones and booking appointments. She is dedicated to providing you with the grooming and boarding services your dog needs! Along with her dedication to service, she also loves dogs! Meeting your four-legged family members makes her day! If you haven't seen her yet, you should stop by the Paw Spa and see Jenna to book an appointment today!